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Archery @ QSP -- CLOSED

Our archery range will remain closed unless we get enough interest to open it back up.

Indoor Archery Range

We have an 8 lane archery range.  The range will be open by appointment.  It features targets at 10, 20, and 30 yards.  Our shooting area has several electric heaters installed but the rest of the building is not heated.  Please dress appropriately based on outdoor weather temperature.


By appointment - 515-478-6272.

Fees & Memberships

Per Hour: $10

Individual Memberships

Month: $50

Quarter: $100

Year: $250

Family Membership (up to 4 people)

Month: $75

Quarter: $200

Year: $500.

Waiver Forms

Range Commands

Hold - Stop everything. Do not nock, do not draw, and do not shoot.  If bow is drawn, release draw, lower bow and un-nock arrow.

Approach Firing Line - The range is open and you can approach the firing line to prepare to shoot.

Range Hot - The range is hot and you can begin to shooting behind the firing line.

Range Clear - All shooters have finished shooting, arrows un-nocked and bows are down.

Retrieve Arrows - Range is clear and it is safe to retrieve arrows.

You are responsible for your safety and safety of others.  Follow all range rules and commands or you will be asked to leave immediately.

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