Camping @ QSP

Camping Map + Pictures

Click here to view the interactive map with the campground highlighted!


Primitive camping & RV parking will be permitted year round.  The entrance for the primitive campground is located due south of the office. The road winds around the southwest corner of the island. The road is around .5 miles long. The speed limit is 5 mph and we expect that to be followed.  We have 15 tent campsites set up (red on map). The cost will be $10 a night per tent, tax included.  Two cars will be allowed per tent. Campers and RV's will be allowed to park on the south side of the parking lot and pay $10 per night as well.  The interactive map has pictures of all campsites if you click on the pin on the map.

Self-registration for the campground is available near the entrance of the campground (dark purple marker on map). As of May 2022, there is a gate at the entrance to the park but we will not close or lock it during camping season.

Camping Rules

  1. All campsites are limited to a maximum of 2 units per site.  An extra unit will be allowed at no charge for children under the age of 18.  Large organized groups can contact the park for special arrangements at 515-478-6272.

  2. The park closes at sunset.  All visitors must leave and quet hours must be observed after 10 pm.  Excessive noise of any kind will not be allowed.  The Colfax police department will make a trip around the park near sunset.  If there are no campers, they will lock the gate.  If there are campers, they typically will leave the gate open or close it without locking.  

  3. Camper checkout is 2:00 PM.

  4. If there is a need to have a police officer deal with an issue, please call Jasper County Dispatch at 641-792- 5912. The front gate will NOT be locked but it will hooked

  5. All animals must be on a leash at all times.

  6. Limit of occupancy is 14 consecutive days.  Campers are then required to leave the park for 72 hours.

  7. Fires are permitted only in fire rings. Do not move the rings.

  8. All garbage must be placed in refuse containers. Do no put garbage in the fire rings!

  9. There is no swimming allowed anywhere within the park!

Park staff is given the authority to refuse camping privileges and to rescind any and all camping permits for cause with no refunds!