Fishing @ QSP

Quarry Springs is a popular fishing destination because of its good shore fishing.  Crappie and bass are frequently caught.  The west and north lakes get to depths of 35-40 ft deep.  The east lake can reach depths of 60 ft.  We hope to get the lakes gridded out soon.

The types of fish caught that we see are the following:

  • Black Crappie

  • Bluegill

  • Largemouth Bass

  • Channel Catfish

  • Yellow Bass

  • Gar

  • Sheephead/Drum/Buffalo

  • Carp

  • Walleye (limited)

The South Skunk River has flooded into Quarry Springs last in 2013 so naturally you will find the same fish in both.  


The Iowa DNR page on Quarry Springs can be found here.