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Our Mission:

To develop, operate and maintain a park and recreational system which enriches the quality of life for residents and visitors alike, while being stewards of the land which preserves the legacy of Colfax for future generations.

Our Vision:

Colfax Park & Recreation Auxilliary Board is a public agency of volunteers, working to meet the recreational needs of the growing Colfax community.  We uphold a philosophy of safe, healthy and unbiased programming.  We strive to enhance the interaction of people and the environment in a manner which is accessible to all.

How we do it:


The park board meets on a monthly basis on the 3rd Thursday @ 6:30 PM at the Colfax City Hall building.  Special meetings are scheduled on as needed basis.  We have board members, guests, and exoficcio members that make up the meetings.  In addition, we have the following sub-committees that have special focus on moving the park forward:


Operations/Planning - In performing this function, the committee shall:  work in conjunction with the Executive Director to oversee and implement all duties necessary to operate and maintain the grounds and facilities under the supervision of the corporation.  In performing the planning function, the committee shall: (i) coordinate the strategic and long-range planning activities of the corporation; and (ii) monitor and evaluate the performance of the corporation with respect to the achievement of its mission, purposes and goals.


Promotions - In performing this function, the committee shall: (i) develop a marketing strategy;(ii) Organize projects, coordinate groups to participate, attend, sponsor or partner for promotional activities.

*We welcome interested people to join a committee to help us move forward in those efforts without the time commitment of having to attend the monthly board meetings!  Please email us at if you are interested in joining a committee!

Board Members:
Board Members

Exofficio Members

*Dave Mast (Colfax Mayor)

*Wade Wagoner (Colfax City Administrator)

*Karla Jones (Colfax Council Member)

*Brad Magg (Colfax Council Member)

*Curt Small (Colfax Council Member)


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