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QSP History

•    Originally established Park Board in 1999 to fund and build a four field sports complex, concession stand, bleachers and picnic shelter for use for boys and girls Little Leagues for the Community.
•    As of 501(c)(3) organization funded and completed minor projects in five City parks from 1998 to 2014.
•    Biggest accomplishments were completed in Lewis Park with the purchase and set-up of playground equipment in 2004.  Also expansion of an 18 hole disc golf course in 2007.   Addition of sand volleyball courts and horseshoe pits in 2014.
•    Park Board reorganized in 2014 to acquire and develop former sand and gravel pit into a City Park.
•    Negotiated donation of 480 acre property formerly utilized by Martin-Marietta as a sand and gravel quarry in April of 2015 for use of a Park.
•    Created a 28E agreement with the City of Colfax allowing for the direct donation of the former quarry to the City of Colfax as a park to later be named Quarry Springs Park.   Agreement allows for the Colfax Park and Recreation Auxiliary Board, Inc. to develop, operate, fundraise, and promote the area on behalf of the City of Colfax.

Accomplishments & Goals:

•    Took possession of Martin Marietta property April 20, 2015.    Accepted Reclamation Donation. 
•    Cleaned up leftover materials from quarry work.
•    Created boat ramp on SW lake.
•    Established Dike walking trail.
•    Reroofed Block building.
•    Repaired West Pole building.
•    Razed East Pole building.
•    Partnered with Landscaping students at Iowa State University student-master plan exercise for ideas for park development.  Shared with Community in several public forums. 

•    Opened park to Public in Spring 2016.
•    Created 10 site primitive campground.
•    Purchased 60” deck zero radius turn mower.
•    Received Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grant for 8 ADA picnic tables to be utilized in all 6 city parks.
•    Hosted 1st Free Kids fishing tournament with free lunch and prizes.
•    Hosted first Rock the Quarry fundraiser concert.  Ticket Sales 300+ / $3400 raised.
•    Extended Dike Trail loop to 3.5 miles around East Lake.
•    Conducted naming contest to name Park, with final name as Quarry Springs Park.
•    Launched Quarry Springs Website and Facebook Page.
•    Awarded IDNR REAP grant for lakeshore improvements ($53K).  Completed improvements over next 2 years.
•    Created Park Master Plan and Estimate operating and capital budget thru major stakeholders and community input.

•    Purchased targets and created indoor archery range with funds donated by area businesses.  .
•    Tuck-pointed and painted exterior of block building.
•    Purchased 6 passenger Polaris Ranger ATV work vehicle 
•    Planted 200 trees along entry road and on lakeshores.
•    Negotiated donation of 300 ton of rock to create new road on west end of park to provide easier access to more parts of the park.
•    Hosted Colfax-Mingo Schools 5th grade classes for 2 day conservation education event with help from ISU Extension Office, Jasper County Conservation staff and speakers on fish/wildlife in Iowa.  
•    Hosted (2) Rock the Quarry fundraising concerts. Ticket Sales approx. 225 / $2300 raised
•    Hosted 2nd Annual free kids fishing derby tournament with free lunch and prizes
•    Framed in new windows donated by World of Windows and painted interior walls with painted donated by Diamond Vogel as part of “Paint Iowa Beautiful” program for Block Building on QSP Park grounds.  
•    Purchase 40 wood picnic tables with funding support from Jasper Community Foundation.   Boy Scout Troop of Altoona helped assemble and place tables on Park Ground.

•    Signed contract with 1st concessionaire for rental and sales of kayaks at QSP.
•    Erected kiosks for kayak rentals nest to boat ramp to southwest lake.
•    Sponsored and funded Eagle Scout project to erect a self-registration information kiosk for QSP, including self-serve primitive parking instructions.   
•    Sponsored and funded Eagle Scout projects create and place signs marking each half mile on the 3.5 mile Dike Loop Trail.  
•    Hosted large scale Fundraising Concert (Rock the Quarry) with big name bands.  Create larger event weekend for town to include other activities to make it a “weekend” in Colfax with many things to do (disc golf, softball tournament, restaurants, hotels, fishing, kayaking, golf).  
•    Hosted 3rd Annual Fishing Derby first weekend in June, free event for kids who attend.  Host free lunch and prizes.
•    Hosted Colfax-Mingo Schools 5th grade classes for 2 day conservation education event in April.  
•    Hosted Baxter Elementary School for a 1-day event on QSP Grounds. 
•    Seek development partner for appropriate commercial development in NW corner of QSP to fund other parts of park for further public use. 
•    Build 2 shelters for picnic use (grant).
•    Build and place 25-30 picnic tables within park (grant).
•    Construct road to east side of island on Park (grant).
•    Open Concessionaire for kayak rentals most days during summer months.   Start up in April
•    Install sewer and water to island for basic infrastructure needs.
•    Complete interior painting and window replacement of west portion of Block Building.
•    Plant trees on park premise (funded by grant).
•    Place benches on dike trail.

•    Hosted and funded Eagle Scout Project to create and place (5) Osprey nesting platforms around the park with the assistance of Mid-American Energy.
•    Hosted 4th Annual Free Kids Fishing Derby first weekend in June with free lunch and prizes.
•    Hosted Colfax-Mingo 5th grade classes for 2-day conservation education event.
•    Hosted Baxter Elementary School for 1-day conservation event.
•    Create Paddle-Skedaddle Kayak and Running Biathlon fundraising event.   
•    Installed 3 off road bike trails along Dike Trail. 
•    Sponsored and funded Eagle Scout project that created a kayak-in/hike-in Boy Scout primitive campground at the far southeast corner of park grounds.
•    Acquired and placed 40 concrete culverts to sink during thaw and act as new fish habitat.
•    Designed and place new lit sign at entrances to Park, with donated funds from the Bob Brown Family.
•    Oversaw clean-up and managed repairs to Block building as created by severe wind storm including new roof and furniture.

•    Added 5 new primitive campgrounds for a total of 15 sites to rent.
•    Opened new access road to the east of end of the “island.”
•    Opened new parking area at the west end (NW corner of SW Lake) for better access for those that like to fish.
•    Sponsored and funded Eagle Scout project to place 5 park benches along trails around the park grounds. Funds donated for all 5 as a memorial/in honor of gift in kind.
•    Renewed concessionaire’s contract for kayak rental at QSP:  seasonal Memorial Day to Labor Day.
•    From April 2014 through end of Dec 2020, we have been blessed with over 37,000 volunteer hours.

Goals for 2021
•    Build (3) park picnic table size park shelters on shores of SW lake.  Funds donated entirely by Bob Brown Family of Colfax.
•    Promote and accept reservations of west side of Block building for events.
•    Design, build and operate a 30 site RV Campground and Shower/Restroom Facility.
•    Design and build new “pedestrian” bridge over isthmus opening between east and north lakes for boat traffic between 2 lakes.
•    Sponsor and fund Eagle Scout project to purchase and place additional picnic tables around the park grounds.
•    Sponsor and fund Eagle Scout project to place pvc pipe fishing line disposal holders along lake shores.
•    Host 5th Annual Free Kids Fishing Derby on the first Saturday in June with free lunch and prizes.
•    Host Colfax-Mingo 5th grade classes for a 2-day conservation education event in Spring.
•    Host Baxter Elementary School for a 1-day conservation even in Spring. 
•    Conduct fundraising event to include a progressive Kayak dinner in late summer.   Funds to go to RV campground project.


Board Members
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