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Park Rules


The park is open from sunrise to sunset during fall and winter months.  During the longer spring and summer hours, the park will open at 6:30 am.  The Colfax police department will make a trip around the park near sunset.  If there are no campers, they will lock the gate.  If there are campers, they typically will leave the gate open or close it without locking.  


Please use the interactive map to get familiar with the park boundaries.

Please Enjoy

  • Shore fishing.  Please abide by Iowa Fishing laws & regulations including fishing license and size limits (15'' min bass length). You can see a complete list here.

  • Walking, Jogging & Bicycling

  • Cross Country Skiing & Snow Shoeing

  • Walking Leashed Pets (6 ft leash + cleanup / removal of waste required)

  • Kayaking, Canoes, and Stand-Up Paddleboards (life jackets required)

  • Small boats with electric motors

  • Camping & Campfires (in designated areas)


  • Swimming

  • Ice Fishing

  • Gasoline Powered Watercraft

  • Horseback Riding

  • Use of Motor Vehicles Off Marked Roads

  • Alcohol

  • Glass Containers

Park Enforcement

The city of Colfax police will be patrolling the park.  If you observe someone breaking the rules during normal weekday business hours, please call 515-674-4096.  If after hours, please call 641-792-5912 and report the issue to the Colfax Police Department.

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