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Mountain Biking @ QSP

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Quarry Springs Park has many miles of easy to challenging trails that are great for mountain biking for people of all levels! Which trail is best for you?

IMBA Rating: Easy

Do you like flat trails with a variety of scenery?  Try our 3.5 mile loop around the park, which is marked in yellow line on the interactive park map.  It has lakes, woods, prairie, and goes past many osprey nests.  You'll be sure to see some scenic plants and animals along the way!

Do you like open prairie trails?  Try out handful of east island trails that will be a mixture of dirt and a little sand as well.  This is marked purple on the interactive park map.

IMBA Rating: More Difficult

Do you want a real challenge?  Our friends Pete & Steve Parvi have built 1.2 miles of wood bike trails on the south end of the park between the lakes and the South Skunk River.  This is marked in blue on the interactive park map.  There are 3 different short trails along the "Dike Trail Road" can be found along our dike trail entrance sign.  Go .13 miles East of entrance and Trail #1 will be on your left.  It is named "Stumpy" after all of the trees stumps that had to be taken out to make it.  This trail is .17 miles long where it will meet back up with the main walking trail.  You will then proceed .10 miles East and you will hit the Bike Trail #2 on your right, called Pancake because it is very flat and goes along the South Skunk River.  You will travel for .32 miles and meet back up with the main trail.  You will bike for .05 miles east and see the 3rd bike trail on your right called "Mrs. Buttersworth" because there are many small hills up and down like driving over a waffle.  This trail is .43 miles long and a more difficult terrain. 


This 1.2 mile trail includes .92 of miles of fun bike mountain bike trails that can be a challenge for any age person!  See a video of Steve Parvi riding the 1.2 miles below.  I suggest clicking on the gear and changing the playback speed to .75  or .5 to slow the video down a bit to see more of the terrain.

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