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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are tax dollars being used to fund the park?

A: The short answer is no.  The land was donated by Martin Marietta to the Colfax Park & Auxiliary Board.  In addition, they donated $200,000 to get the park started.  A 28E agreement was setup between the City of Colfax and Park & Auxiliary board in which the board will setup and operate the park and the city will annex the land and help provide police protection, insure, and help participate in planning.  The city does help maintain the main entrance road.

The Park & Auxiliary board will use donations, grants, fundraising events, and land rental to fund the park at this time.  They are looking for new ways to generate income to make the park self-sufficient in the future.

Q: How much does it cost to fish?

A: It is free to fish at the park, although adults will need a fishing license.  To see fishing laws and regulations, please visit the dnr fishing site.  

Q: Can I use electric or gas motors with my boat?  

A: Electric motors only.

Q: What is the water depth of the lakes?  

A: The west and north lakes get to depths of 35-40 ft deep.  The east lake can reach depths of 60 ft.  We hope to get the lakes gridded out and posted on the website.

Q: What time can I start fishing at the park?  

A: The park gate is unlocked at sunrise or at 6:30 am during the summer season.  If you camp at the park during a weekend, it would be the one exception that would allow you to start fishing earlier.

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