Remember the 80’s when classic rock bands were playing all the venues in Newton and surrounding areas? One of those bands that was very popular during those times was "DESPERADO”.  Well, get ready for the classic rock songs you remember from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as “DESPERADO” is returning. They are returning with former members, along with new members to return you to the sounds you grew to love. Back to keep the beat on drums and vocals is Ed Moore. Returning on keyboards and vocals is Steve Barnett. New members include Arnie O’Dell on Bass and vocals, Deb Schnoebelen on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Rick Young on lead guitar and vocals. Combined, they re-create a great line up of the “DESPERADO” you remember!  Steve Barnett, most recently keyboard and vocalist for “THE EIGHT TRACK BAND” has been playing in bands since the age of 12.  Previously he has been a member of “The Break Thru Band”, “DESPERADO”, and “THE EIGHT TRACK BAND”. Ed Moore has been performing in bands since 1966 and brings those years of experience to this line up of “DESPERADO”. Ed has played in different bands along the way and has covered all types of music from Blues to Rock and Roll. Deb Schnoebelen has been performing in bands since the age of 11 and brings a great female vocal to the band, along with acoustic guitar. Most recently she was a member of “The Green River Band”.  Arnie O’Dell has played in bands for the last 30 years. Arnie has been active in venues in Grinnell and Kellogg. Key bands he has worked with include “The Rewinders”, “The Green River Band”, and “Hard Left Turn”. Rick Young began his musical career playing small clubs in Northern California. He joined a country/rock band and toured the Pacific Northwest for several years based out of Spokane, Washington. He has played with local bands “Crossroads” and “The Rewinders”. He plays with his church band and community fund raising band, “Shults and Co.” Watch for this line up of “DESPERADO” in venues near you, and remember the good music and good times this band brought you in years past!

Rock the Quarry


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The Bands

Lux is a four member band made of some of Des Moines' finest young women. These talented musicians come together to form a fun blend of cover songs, and original singer/songwriter work. Greta is on violin, guitar and vocals. Stella is the lead singer. Lilly is on lead guitar, and the always entertaining Mo rounds out the group on drums. A delight to people of all ages and music tastes, Lux is an exceptional band that is sure to charm everyone! They have performed at the following venues:

  • Lazerfest

  • Pedal Jam

  • Music in the Junction (Valley Junction)

  • Des moines Arts Fest

  • Addam C Medina Foundation Benefit

  • Grimes Farmer's Market

  • Pride Fest

  • Mills T-shirts & Graphics

  • The Hair Gallery

  • Russell Dozing and Excavating

  • Shannon C Harding Law Office

  • Bob & Joyce Brown

  • Jeff Sontag

  • Professional Hair Designers

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